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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Quick Tuesday Night Dinner

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So when I plan menus, I try to think about what we have going on each night before I decide what to have for dinner on any given night. I know that on Tuesday nights, Steve teaches band after school so Simon stays in childcare. Then they leave school and have to run straight over to our church for Worship Arts Club. (A program for the kids where they get dinner and then a rotation of children’s choir, children’s choir chimes, art lessons with our pastor, Bible study, and gym time.) This means that Steve and Simon have dinner at the church, and I fend for myself.

Tonight my plan was to make up a batch of ratatouille to use up some of the produce in the rotter drawer of the fridge. (I love that name. Have you ever known anything to actually get crisper in those drawers?) I like to keep ratatouille in the fridge to use for my breakfasts and lunches while Steve and Simon are at school.

For tonight, I figured I could make myself an omlette and then throw in some rehydrated, dried mushrooms that I could saute with some leftover onion I had in the fridge; and maybe make a salad to round it all out. Nothing fancy.

Then Steve called and told me that they were coming home a little early, and that they weren’t able to get to the church before all of the food was gone. That meant I was scrambling to come up with dinner for all three of us.

Here’s Steve’s dinner–

He wound up with an omlette with ratatouille and a little shredded cheddar jack cheese in it, and a salad with goat cheese and tomato dressing. (One of our favorite dressings.)

He’s my dinner–

I had the mushrooms (that I had already rehydrated) and onions with a little goat cheese in my omlette, along with ratatouille and salad on the side.



  1. What? they ate all the food there and didn’t save any? Nice, hehe. Looks like you had a good back up plan, though!

    Comment by Elle — Wednesday, May 7, 2008 @ 8:36 pm | Reply

  2. Your mushrooms look great! We’re having a mushroom recipe contest, so if you have a fabulous recipe, please submit it to The winner will be mailed two pounds of wild, fresh Morel mushrooms! Happy Cooking. – Emily

    Comment by Emily — Thursday, May 8, 2008 @ 1:15 pm | Reply

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