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I am…

Married to Steve and mom to 14 year old Simon.
Creative, left-brained list maker.
A dieting foodie.
An aspiring hostess-with-the-most-est.

I’m becoming more crunchy granola as the years go along.  We had been semi-vegetarians for years, but went lacto-ovo veg in the beginning of 2010 at the request of the kid after watching “Food, Inc”.

I know different people have different reasons for going veg.  The kid couldn’t stand how the animals were treated in the current factory farming system.  The husband was diagnosed with gout, and didn’t want all the extra protein.  I agreed with both of those reasons, but also don’t feel that the meat that’s available now is healthy or nutritious because of how they’re raised.  I’m not crazy about killing animals; but knowing the way animals are fed, housed, and dosed with meds just skives me out.

I refuse to tell anyone else how to eat, and I’m not the type to proselytize, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with offering information to people who are already thinking about it.

I try to do everything I can to ensure that my family eats as healthily as we can. I follow a lot of Michael Pollan’s food ideals. We avoid high fructose corn syrup, anything with more than five ingredients or ingredients that I can’t pronounce, and anything that my great-grandma wouldn’t recognize as food.  (The main exception to that rule for us is meat substitutes now that we’ve gone fully veg.  We still eat the occasional veggie burger or chik’n patty.  Sorry Mr. Pollan.)

I try to work mainly with fresh produce and whole grains as much as possible, but I’m a stay-at-home-mom who is married to a public school teacher so there are times we have to cut corners and do the best we can.  I have found that eating vegetarian and eating whole foods usually works out to be less expensive than eating processed foods.  I know for a fact that cooking at home is a whole lot cheaper than eating out.

I have several top rated recipes on, although I posted most before I started on my healthy foods bent.  I try to take pictures for my posts on here, but I have a cheap camera and haven’t outsmarted Photoshop.  I’m a mom and a cook–unfortunately not a food stylist or a photographer.

The name of my blog comes from a running joke about a product called “The Perfect Pancake”. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial–it involved all of those poor people who were too stupid to make pancakes the old fashioned way with a regular pan and a spatula. All of the commercial people needed “The Perfect Pancake” pan before they could make their first pancake without either being covered in batter or burning the house down. I learned to make pancakes by the time I was eight years old, and even if I sometimes feel like I have nothing else going for me–I am still smarter than pancakes!

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